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Nazuk Phool

Image titleIn the month of December 2015 & July 2016, Rit Foundation has gifted hearing aid machines to 10 children belonging to poor families. The smile on faces of these boys and girls was invaluable which was a real return gift for us and this will support the children to lead their lives as normal as other children. However, speech therapy without the hearing aid was not useful to these hearing impaired children before , which now would be useful with this hearing aid. The spark on the faces of these children can be seen after fitting of hearing aid as if they have got in to the world sound. Their parents were also delighted to see their children’s smile.

Total 10 hearing aid machines cost approximately Rs.150000/- of Siemens make Model no.BTE LOTUS 12 SP.

Rit Foundation proudly announced the introduction of our new wing, 'NAZUK PHOOL' to deliver our best to the differently-able children and to those who are special. Our society consists of all kinds of people including those who are potentially deficient of physical ailments. They are mainly the people who are thought to be regardless and burden on the society but should they know that these people have immense abilities to triumph. We have striven hard to uplift this section including deaf-dumb people, people with locomotive disorders.

To facilitate our endless services to them, we have demarcated our wing into sub-wings:

  • 'Train the Trainer' Programme
  • Workshops on their rehabilitation
  • Vocational Training (short-term courses)

'Train the Trainer' programme aims at providing normal people the skills required to nourish the special children. It is evident that the number of teachers for special children in less with the operational ones to be inadequate. We have, thus, envisioned our programme to comply with the basic educational and teaching requirements of the special children.

We will be starting various workshops on the rehabilitation of the special children. Rehabilitation means to make them aware about the various prospects in the industry where they could put their efforts in, plus to make them employable.

These will be periodical throughout the year.

Vocational Training for the special children will be held as per the government agencies, like NSDC. Short-term courses will run throughout the tenure of the training to impart knowledge and know-how of peculiar subjects of the industry like retail management and marketing.

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