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Dropout rate is defined as the proportion of children that cease to remain enrolled in the schooling system. At the upper primary level, the total dropout rate for the year 2004-5 was 50.39. We collected data for 250 students in Delhi. The causes for dropping out of school that emerged from this data collection are as follows:

1) Disinterest:

  • a) Indulgence in other undesirable activities
  • b) Lack of academic guidance at home

2) Poverty:

  • a) Earning a livelihood
  • b) Managing the household and taking care of their younger siblings in their parents absence

3) Unhealthy atmosphere at home:

  • a Alcoholic parents(s)
  • b) Domestic violence
  • c) Peer pressure to not study
  • d) Lack of awareness with regard to the importance of education. This is especially true where girls are concerned.

How to counter this problem?

We pondered long and hard about how this appalling state of affairs can be remedied. The following are some major ideas that came up:

  • Teaching the disinterested so they can come back into the fold of formal education.
  • Tutoring those who have no help at home.
  • Helping the ones who cannot return to school to take exams from Open School.
  • Educating the ones who are unable to do even that and equip them with some basic skills.

The programme will assist those who are on the verge of dropping out by helping them out with their studies; help those who have dropped out by teaching them and trying to get them back to school; and help those who can't go to school by equipping them for life educationally. That which lies at the heart of the scheme is that the van will be with the students at a time of their convenience. If adequate funds are raised, we would also like to provide nutritious food to the children.

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