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'Rit' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Truth'

Who we are

We call ourselves ‘Rit Foundation’. ‘Rit’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Truth’. We wish to search for Truth. And we believe that Truth, the One, is to be found in trying to serve our fellow beings. It is with this aim in our minds that we are launching Rit Foundation.

Why Are We Here?

After giving a great deal of thought to the major problems of our country, we realized that most of them could be traced back to a lack of education. Education, it seems, is, if not the solution, then most certainly an aid to the solution to most problems faced by us today.

There is a great deal of disparity as far as education is concerned. While we have a handful of children going to ‘elite schools’, we have a large number of their age mates not even getting a basic education. A number of children, even if they do get primary education, drop out of school soon after. We have generations doing the same menial work.

The only way to break this vicious cycle is to provide education to the underprivileged in a manner acceptable to their families. Even within the underprivileged, the most unfairly treated are the girls. If there is enough money to educate one child, the boy is given preference. 

On a different but related note, there are a number of issues which are neglected in mainstream education, but are necessary to live a good life, and for the well-being of the country and the world. These include a sense of responsibility towards the nation and towards humanity. We try to inculcate this sense of responsibility and ignite the fire of patriotic passion in every young heart we can touch.

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Rit Foundation Legal Aid Group

The Rit Foundation since its inception has been proactively conducting free legal aid camps for the underprivileged sections of the society. It has years of experience is reaching out to people in slums and rehabilitation camps. Along with a well founded and established network support group of specialized lawyers, law schools, policy think tanks, eminent jurists and groups working at grassroots, Rit foundation has the ability and expertise to reach out efficiently to the target group of population and to effectively establish a team to address their concerns with respect to their legal protection and to represent them ....

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