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'Rit' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Truth'
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Presentations at Conferences(Advocacy)

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RIT Foundation




November 2012



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Presentations at Conferences(Advocacy)

The Founder-President of Rit Foundation, Dr. Chitra, has, over the last few months, traveled to different parts of the world and participated in sociological conferences across the globe in order to raise awareness about issues in India, as well to contextualize them in a global context. She spoke on issues of gender, as well as of gender.

In November 2012, she traveled to Turkey to take part in the First Psysoc Conference and spoke about indigenous systems of education. In January 2013, she participated in WE-ASC World Education Culture Conference held in Delhi, and argued for a re-looking at education.

Later the same year, she traveled to Sri Lanka, and spoke at the International Conference on Women Studies held in Colombo on issues of awareness about laws regarding domestic violence. Most recently, she traveled to Italy to participate in a conference organized by the European Sociological Association and spoke on domestic violence inflicted upon mothers by children.


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